Month: October 2015

Dr Niraj Vora: Get The Best Surgical Hip Replacement Options

While going for total hip replacement surgery, there are certain options which include various types of hip replacement surgery. Choosing the type which will best suit the body condition of the patient will require the opinion of best hip replacement doctors’ mumbai, among which dr. Niraj Vora is considered to be the very best. Whether […]

How Can People Prevent Hip and Joint Problems?

Sedentary work is the main reason behind growth of joint and hip problems. Therefore, people are inclining more towards best medical help, which can easily be availed from drnirajvora, your ultimate helping hand. You are asked to start your day with daily dosage of exercise and under special guidance from none other than relevant dr […]

How to Resume Your Normal Activities After a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Getting back to normal activities after knee replacement surgery can be quite challenging. But there is no reason to panic, as best knee replacement doctors in mumbai, dr. niraj vora being one of them, will help you out with proper advice on activities during the period of convalescence. There are pain exercises to relieve pain […]