Month: May 2017

Sheikh Afzal Raymode – Dr Niraj Vora Review

On the day of the Total Hip Replacement Surgery in the Operation Theatre, I had no idea what he did to my hip, but to me it is a miracle which has eventually taken all my pain away. I feel no pain at all, and icing on the cake, the way I walk is a […]

Ms. Lynne McGready – Australian Citizen Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

A friend recommended Dr. Niraj Vora in Mumbai, India. My immediate reaction was to research his credentials and also the testimonials, which after reading, knew I had to make contact with him immediately. I scheduled travel to Mumbai and I met him the day after I arrived. He suggested that I ONLY replace the right […]

Mrs. Shilpa Shirsekar Reviews Dr Niraj Vora – Knee Replacement Surgery

For eight long years I suffered acute pain in my knees. It went on to become chronic, severely impeding my routine activities. I met a string of Orthopedic surgeons and ran through a course starting from pain-killer pills to injections interspersed with alternate therapies. My condition went on deteriorating progressively. Advice about surgical intervention was […]