Author: Dr Niraj Vora

What Is Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery? What Are Its Pros and Cons?

Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery is a knee replacement procedure where both the knees of the arthritis patient are replaced in a single operation by the knee replacement surgeon. This procedure is performed when the patient suffers from high degree arthritis in both knees that can only be relieved with a surgical procedure like knee replacement […]

Two Simple Diet Tips for Healthy Hip & Knee

Hip and Knee joints are the two most important joints that bear the full body weight while also helping us with all our physical movements. So naturally, these two joints are most predisposed to pain due wear and tear of overuse which catch-up with us in the older age in the form of Arthritis. Being […]

Facts To Know About Anterior Knee Pain

Life with painful knees can be quite difficult when it hinders us from doing day-to-day activities. Knee pain can occur either through wear and tear, workouts or sports or any physical activities or even due to old age. Adolescent knee pain can also make life difficult for people, if left untreated. Life with painful knees […]

Your Shoes Might Be Causing Your Knee Pain, Here’s Why:

Shoes have become one of the most essential elements not just only in our wardrobe but also in our fitness regimen. Some shoes are designed to make you look good while others are designed to help you with your exercises. But what all the shoes must offer is a comfort and good support to your […]

Dietary Arthritis Pain Treatment by Dr Niraj Vora

Arthritis is a chronic pain disease afflicting wide number of people in India. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis and related conditions. People of all ages, sexes and races are suffering from arthritis and doctors are often scrambling to find the best treatment possible for the patients. The treatment is often devised […]

Traumatic Pain by Dr Niraj Vora

Management of Trauma Pain is a severe issue afflicting people all around the globe and needs special care. Doctors work around the clock to manage traumatic pain and offer the best help possible to the patients. It is a complex issue and requires specialized care to match different injuries and patient situations with the most […]

Hip Joint Pain After Pregnancy

My hips are really stiff in the morning, and just generally sore throughout the day. My hips started playing up the last week of pregnancy, and I could barely walk, I was hobbling like an old lady. These are the common complaints heard from new mom’s. There is a reason and also pain in the […]

Ps Wasu Reviews Dr Niraj Vora – Knee Replacement Surgery

I have knee problems for several years. Finally, I was told about knee replacement surgery. In my opinion, knee replacement is a major surgery I was scared. It is very important that I chose the right surgeon to do the job.  I found Dr Niraj Vora in his website it is completely written detail about […]

Asha Wadia Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

I suffered from Knee Pain for almost two years. Pain killers & oil/ ointment massages gave relief temporarily. I consulted three to four well known orthopaedic surgeons of Mumbai, but none of them could give me the confidence for the surgery.   Finally, I consulted Dr. Niraj L. Vora at Kokilaben Ambani hospital, Andheri. He was sincere, […]

God Bless Dr Niraj Vora! Gulab Gandhi Reviews Post Left Hip Replacement Surgery

I am 78 years of age and was suffering from severe knee, back and hip pain since 2001. I am also a patient of Hypertension and Parkinson’s disease and have had Cerebral Strokes in 2004 and 2009. I consulted Dr Niraj Vora for my Severe Knee and Back Pain as I was unable to walk in August 2015.   […]