Backpacks Causing Back Problems

Final exams are over. Close on heel comes the new session which means new textbooks, new notebooks, new stationeries and a new backpack! It is adorable to see the young minds heading towards the world of knowledge but as they turn around it really breaks our heart to see them fetching those heavy backpacks. Child’s backpack, loaded with heavy text books, sports equipments and other items, humped to and from the school each day causes strain on the child’s back, neck and shoulders, sometimes leading to multiple back issues. To save your child from the long-term back problems, let us have a close look on the cause, the effect and the solution, says Dr Niraj Vora:
Cause – The back and shoulder pain from backpack:
Many of the students prefer to carry an ‘over the shoulder strap’ backpack. The heavy load at the back causes the body to lean more on one side, stressing the lower back, ribs and the middle back. If the load is too much, it can damage the nerves in the shoulder and neck leading to back pain and the Back Pain from Heavy Backpacks can even cause fractures in the long run.
Effect – The backpacks resulting in back injuries:
The heavier the backpack of a child is, the more damage it can bring about to the delicate neck, back and shoulders and can account to a number of Backpacks Causing Health Problems such as back injuries in teenagers and kids, back pain, shoulder or neck pain, severe sprains in the related muscles and joints. Furthermore, continued and untreated Back Pain Caused by Heavy Backpacks can eventually lead to the development of poor posture.
Solution – how to get rid of back pain from backpacks:
You cannot restrict your child from going to school but you can definitely prevent, watch out for signs and symptoms and seek medical help in case the problem persists or increases. Here are few tips as to How to Relieve Back Pain from Backpack:
• While choosing the backpack, remember – it should be of appropriate size, should have multiple compartments and there should be straps at the shoulder as well as around the waist, so that the weight is distributed.
• Cut the weight by putting only the necessary things.
• Arrange the things in accordance with their weight – heaviest at the bottom and lightest at the top.
• Encourage the child to keep the extra textbooks and notebooks in the locker of the school.
In case you realize that problem is persisting or growing then you must immediately see a specialist. If you reside in Mumbai, then Dr Niraj Vora is the Best Orthopaedic Surgeon in Mumbai. Even if you are located somewhere else, you still can send him an email and ask your query.
Your vigilance could be a great weapon to combat against the back problems caused by the back packs and can save your child from the life-long back injuries!