Best Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai

Ps Wasu Reviews Dr Niraj Vora – Knee Replacement Surgery

I have knee problems for several years. Finally, I was told about knee replacement surgery. In my opinion, knee replacement is a major surgery I was scared. It is very important that I chose the right surgeon to do the job.  I found Dr Niraj Vora in his website it is completely written detail about […]

Asha Wadia Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

I suffered from Knee Pain for almost two years. Pain killers & oil/ ointment massages gave relief temporarily. I consulted three to four well known orthopaedic surgeons of Mumbai, but none of them could give me the confidence for the surgery.   Finally, I consulted Dr. Niraj L. Vora at Kokilaben Ambani hospital, Andheri. He was sincere, […]

How to manage pain after total knee replacement surgery?

Many patients have to feel joint operation like knee replacement after fifty year of age or sixty year of age. Some of very afraid of this kind surgery and they are thinking too much like they will lose our regular life after such a serious replacement surgery. If you believe in yourself then, take away […]

How smoking increases post-surgery risks?

It has been proven that smoking is injurious to health, and to ratify the fact, studies have revealed that smoking can affect post surgical care total knee replacement, as opined by dr. niraj vora, the best doctor for knee replacement surgery in Mumbai. Studies have revealed that current smokers are more prone to risks after […]

Causes Behind Arthritis And Ways To Reduce Risk

The real fact is that it is hard to prevent formation of arthritis. However, you can try to take help of arthritis treatment, which will help in reducing the risk and delay any potential onset of various types of arthritis. In case, you have healthy joints, you have to maintain proper functions, mobility, and functions. […]

How to Resume Your Normal Activities After a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Getting back to normal activities after knee replacement surgery can be quite challenging. But there is no reason to panic, as best knee replacement doctors in mumbai, dr. niraj vora being one of them, will help you out with proper advice on activities during the period of convalescence. There are pain exercises to relieve pain […]

Knee Arthritis: Symptoms & Treatment

Combined joint pain can also be called arthritis. Osteoarthritis is basically the dressed in down of the fibrous around the knee which happens basically as individuals age. Another typical form of knee joint pain is Rheumatoid Arthritis, which outcomes in swelling within the joint and harm to the fibrous. Not only to these types of […]


Probably most of us don’t show interest about knees, shoulders, back and other joints until they become painful or stops working properly. Due to the seasonal changes, its effects may vary our activities making us more sensitive for joints and bone related problems. Dr Niraj Vora a famous joint replacement specialist Mumbai shares a few […]