Dr Niraj Vora: Get The Best Surgical Hip Replacement Options

While going for total hip replacement surgery, there are certain options which include various types of hip replacement surgery. Choosing the type which will best suit the body condition of the patient will require the opinion of best hip replacement doctors’ mumbai, among which dr. Niraj Vora is considered to be the very best. Whether minimally invasive technique which still needs better evidence to be claimed as the best, or conventional hip replacement will be best suited for a patient, answers to right questions will be given by dr. Niraj Vora, to dispel any doubts about the process to be followed.

Patients will be briefed about the process of total hip replacement surgery which will include time to be taken, facts on bearings, general information on minimally invasive technique and, ultimately, which type will be the best suited one. All information will be provided by Dr. Vora, the best total hip replacement surgeon mumbai, who, in the opinion of all is the authority on total hip replacement surgery requirements. According to his opinion, the latest technique in total hip replacement, which follows the minimally invasive technique through anterior approach, can also be a better option. He also opines that hip joint surgery recovery, which can be rigorous, lengthy and painful, is the most important factor to be considered. Although posterior approach is being favored by many hip arthroplasty mumbai surgeons, deciding on the technique which will be the best suited for a particular patient can be assessed correctly by dr. Niraj Vora, the best hip resurfacing doctor in india.

It is debatable whether minimally invasive technique for total hip replacement surgery is a better option that the conventional approach, according to dr. Niraj Vora, there is no hard and fast rule, instead, proper assessment of the body condition of the patient has to be made, considering how well the patient can respond and how early can the rehabilitation process end. He goes on to say that while selecting any technique from among the various types of hip replacement surgery, a surgeon should follow the technique with which he is most comfortable, to get the best results. To know more about Dr. Vora, you can visit his website at http://drnirajvora.com/