Dr Niraj Vora – Knee Replacement for Women

Knee replacement contributes to being a surgical process in which the physicians perform a replacement of the weight-bearing part of the knee joint. These type of replacement surgeries are performed by surgical doctors to confer relief to patients who are suffering from joint pains or osteoarthritis. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis can undergo the procedure. In these type of patients, there is severe pain or immense inflammation in the knee joint. This contributes to being the daily movement tedious with due course of time.

Why it is important to perform surgeries for knee replacement for women

Chances of Knee replacement for women enhance with age owing to tear and wear of the joints of the knee. In addition to osteoporosis, knee pain is caused owing to the defect in cartilages, meniscus tears as well as ligament tears. For the replacement of diseased of the damaged joint surface, one should make use of metal and plastic components shape for the facilitating of the movements of a knee. A doctor may consider partial or total knee replacement depending on the conditions of the knee. Speaking of gender specific knee replacement for women, the implant is designed specifically to cater for women. The knee of women is different from that of men in shape.

Why prefer gender-specific replacement of knees

 The gender-specific replacement of knees has brought an improvement in the overall functions of the implants of the knee in women. With the aid of special knee implants in a woman, female patients have found relief from immense joint pain. In addition to this, they feel that the functionality of the knee is similar to natural knee post to completion of surgery. The results are known to be more effective in comparison to non-gender knees or traditional knees which were used by women ages before. The design which is used by women is considered to be the special knee of women. Make sure to go through Dr. Niraj Vora Review for the best knee replacement options.

The anatomy and structure of the male body differ from that of the female. The application of the same has been done while designing orthodontic implants for women. The basis of the gender-specific knee is recognized to be a fact. It is the thighbone or femur which is narrower in the case of women from the side. In women, the kneecap is known to rest on a more oblique line. In addition to this, the front end of thigh bone which is present at the lower end is certainly not as prominent as the case of men. Owing to this, replacement of knee for women with the aid of women special knee has become more beneficial as it renders immense comfort to women and makes it feel completely natural. In the knee replacement process of women, the incision on the knee happens to be 4-5 inches in length. In addition to this, there is higher flexion in comparison to women knee prosthesis.

The knee replacement procedure is recognized to be a major breakthrough for the replacement of knee in Women. With the aid of advancement in technology, a new prosthesis is designed for Knee Replacement for Aged Women for conferring relief.