Dr Niraj Vora : Running on the Beach Comes with Risks

Certain beach running tips must be followed to get better benefits of running on the beaches during summer, monsoons, or the lazy winters. Is beach running better? Yes if you know the postures, the angles of your toe and fingers while running, your ankle, and last but not the least, your knee position, then you may suffer from some knee or hip injuries.

Most people think that soft sand can help to improve the muscle strength of the lower portion of their bodies but it is a wrong concept because it can harm your muscle and create pressure on the joints of the lower portion.

Beach Running Risks

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What are the common injuries and risk factors involved in running on the beach?

If you do not use proper shoes with soft soles, then you can be affected by various injuries like, tendonitis, sprains of the knee and ankle ligaments, irritation of tissues, and muscle pain. Even incomplete hairline can break the feet and leg bones any time and there is huge risk of running on the beach.

But if you are willing to start running on the beach then you have to maintain some guidelines. You can avoid the risk of running of the beach by using the following tips and suggestions.

  • Wear the proper footwear which has durability, flexibility, shock resistant and motion control facilities. You have to notice your shoes every time and see whether it is able to absorb the tear and wear or not because most of the running shoes can provide these facilities for a stipulated time of uses and you have to change your shoes after a certain time.
  • If you want to stay fit then you can run and exercise on the beach because you can lose weight but do not over strain or over exercise on the beach. Please keep on maintaining a uniform speed of run and do not change your speed, rotation or ankle spinning suddenly, because that is not the solution for losing weight. On the contrary, you can get injured at any time.
Beach Running Risks

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  • Please try to avoid running in the hottest time during summers on the beach because you may suffer from electrolyte dysfunction. Also while you run, make sure that beach running benefits should never come if you put your feet into holes, inclines or uneven sand surfaces.

If you follow certain guidelines, then you will be able to avoid the dangers of running on the beach.