Dr Niraj Vora – Specialist in Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement and Trauma Surgery

Dr Niraj Vora is specialist in Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement and Trauma Surgery who has performed around 2000 total knee replacement surgeries and 500 total hip replacement surgeries along with trauma and general orthopaedic surgeries.

From past forty years, replacement surgeries have seen a vast growth with growing number of successful cases, where patients have recovered from their joint pains and could enjoy their normal life. In India, there are many patients suffering from joint pains due to obesity and age problems. Most of them have recovered from hip/knee replacement surgeries. The replacement surgeries are performed by experienced surgeons who can help in restoring the life from disability and immobility to smooth range of mobility. Dr Niraj Vora is one of the leading consultants who has successfully completed his professional education by winning awards for best performance in his orthopaedic examinations.

Knee Replacement Surgery:
Joint pains create a great discomfort to the people. Though people apply balms, intake pain killers and other ayurvedic medicines, it is not always totally successful in relieving pain in many cases. In some severe cases, it becomes even more complicated for people to walk or sit and perform their daily activities. Moreover intake of heavy pain killers can have side effects on liver and kidneys. Dr Niraj Vora is the best knee replacement surgeon who can cure your knee joint pains after a thorough walk up of your medical case history. Dr Niraj Vora performs knee replacement surgery for patients to replace the diseased or damaged knee joint with either metal or plastic type of artificial joint.

Hip Replacement Surgery:
Health problems are very common at certain age in everyone’s life, but it is only to those who think positive and take some important precautions can recover and overcome them. One of the major problem in old age or sudden fall outs is the result of hip joint pains. Dr Niraj Vora, specialist in hip replacement surgeries offers hip replacement surgeries to patients whose hip joint is damaged. Hip Replacement Surgery is an option for those suffering from hip disability and variety of hip disorders. In the process, Dr Niraj Vora replaces the damaged hip joint with an artificial joint.

Dr Niraj Vora gives the scope of regaining full mobility to the patients who have undergone surgery. He follows two types of Hip replacement; they are Standard Hip Replacement Procedure and Resurfacing of the Hip. Both surgeries give excellent pain relief and an improved quality of life for many patients.

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