Probably most of us don’t show interest about knees, shoulders, back and other joints until they become painful or stops working properly. Due to the seasonal changes, its effects may vary our activities making us more sensitive for joints and bone related problems.

Dr Niraj Vora a famous joint replacement specialist Mumbai shares a few tips for healthy bones and joint protection from damaging, reducing pain and improving your quality of life and health.

  • Exercise to protect and strengthen your joints: Exercise can reduce the strain on joints and make body muscles strengthening and help with weight loss. No matter what your age is, weight-bearing exercise such as walking also helps in maintaining bone density. Heavy exercise and running may damage joints and leads to arthritis problems.Exercises
  • Dietary Changes: Try to eat most foods closest to their natural state as possible. Consuming more omega- 3 fatty acids food is good for hip health and improves bone mineral density. Try to eliminate processed foods which contain saturated fat, preservatives and refined carbohydrates which increases inflammation in the body, including joints.Omega-3-Fatty Acids
  • Stay Hydrated: Water plays a major role in joint health most of the people are unaware the role of water. Almost 70% of our body weight is water. Dehydration makes you feel exhausted causing achy joints.   Keep-Hydrated
  • Stay Active: For a prolonged period of time avoid keeping joints in the same position. This will help you to protect your joints from becoming stiff. Stay-Active
  • Stop Smoking: People who smoke may lead to lower bone density and increase the risk of fractures compared to people who don’t. Smoking lowers the calcium absorption and production of hormones such as testosterone and estrogen may affect strength and bone growth. Stop-Smoking
  • Lose weight: Heavy body weight may lead to strain on our joints, mainly in knee joints. By losing 10 pounds of body weight may help in reducing joint pains and improves blood circulation and breathing. Lose-weight
  • Build muscle mass: It is very important to keep focus on building muscle mass. Heavy exercise is the most common cause of joint pain. Building muscle mass may reduce stiffness and joint pain as well as increasing flexibility.