Dr.Niraj Vora – Tips To Prevent Your Arthritis Pain

If you are above 50 years of age, it is more likely that you may have arthritis, which is a degenerative disease of the knee joints and is associated with unrelenting pain. According to Dr.Nirajvora, an eminent joint replacement specialist Mumbai, there are number of natural ways that can bring relief to chronic pain from arthritis.

Dr. NirajVora suggests that more exercise, losing weight, massages, heat treatments and balanced diet can be influencing factors that can help to reduce the pain. Other tips that Dr. Niraj Vora suggests include chiropractic care, eating fish, having green tea, Flavonoids, Vitamin C, Glucosamine and Chondroiting. He also advises that having Proanthocyanidins, Capsaicin (Chili Pepper), Cream and Ginger can substantially reduce the pain caused by Arthritis. We have lot to learn from Dr. Nirajlvora, joint replacement specialist India, as he is the authority on joint replacement treatment. He prescribes that swimming and gardening can be useful exercises for the mobility of the knee joints. Wearing braces can also reduce the pain, as it substantially takes the weight away from the parts that are damaged.

Although there are many natural ways for reducing the pain, no permanent relief is obtained, according to studies carried out. If at all, it is necessary, the only option can be joint replacement surgery, says the top orthopedic doctor Mumbai. Dr. Niraj Vora is among the leading orthopedic surgeons in Mumbai and is specialized in Joint Replacement Surgery Mumbai, having performed large numbers of joint replacement surgery each year. His tips to prevent arthritis pain have been proven as result oriented and going by the reviews, the fact has been established. Those who have followed his arthritis pain relief tips have been able to get substantial relief from the chronic pain, and in improving the quality of life. These tips can bring relief to joint pain caused by arthritis within few weeks, says Dr. Nirajlvora, leading joint replacement specialist India.