God Bless Dr Niraj Vora! Gulab Gandhi Reviews Post Left Hip Replacement Surgery

I am 78 years of age and was suffering from severe knee, back and hip pain since 2001. I am also a patient of Hypertension and Parkinson’s disease and have had Cerebral Strokes in 2004 and 2009. I consulted Dr Niraj Vora for my Severe Knee and Back Pain as I was unable to walk in August 2015.

Gulab - Dr Niraj Vora Reviews

              Gulab – Dr Niraj Vora Reviews


Dr Niraj Vora diagnosed that my left hip needed replacement as this was causing pain in my knee and back. 

I credit Dr Niraj Vora and his wonderful surgical skills for this! I wish I had met Dr Niraj Vora earlier.