Hip Joint Pain After Pregnancy

My hips are really stiff in the morning, and just generally sore throughout the day.

My hips started playing up the last week of pregnancy, and I could barely walk, I was hobbling like an old lady.

These are the common complaints heard from new mom’s. There is a reason and also pain in the hip joint which every pregnant lady will experience during or after conceiving.

Hip joint pain is very common in motherhood and called as SPD (Symphsis Pubis Disfunction) in medical terms. Even though, the pain that is described is in the hip, but actually it is in the pelvis. It is usually caused by the loosening of the ligaments holding together the sacroiliac joints (which connect your spine to your pelvis). In some cases, women experience shooting pain from her back through her hip and down her leg. They are miserable and wonder what’s happening to their bodies. Unfortunately, this is the pregnancy package for some women, because pregnancy is a pain in the butt. However, some are lucky to pass through the stage without any effects.

There are various causes and remedies too and knowing them is important.

Remedies for hip pain after childbirth:

Hot Water bath: As the body undergoes several challenges during pregnancy, it is time to compensate them by giving a relaxed time to your body. Taking a warm water bath will definitely help you ease the pain and also give a relaxed space to yourself. Try some essential oil massages to alleviate the hip pain after pregnancy followed by a hot water bath.

Professional Massage: Some women find their soothing times during massage. Smooth massage by a therapist gives great relief from the hip joint pain. Massage oil or any medicated lotions helps to curb joint pains.

Lime: Hip joint pain can also be caused by low immunity system. As your digestive system is broken through several weeks during pregnancy, it is important to improve overall health. Drink a glass full of warm lemon juice early in the morning which promote stronger resistance.

Exercises: Recommendable to perform light exercises even there is a pain. Regular workouts keep the body active and put out of discomforts. Gentle stretches such as hamstrings, piriformis and gluteal and quadriceps muscles can be executed daily.

Rest: It is understandable that first few weeks of childbirth will be hectic with the baby’s schedule – feeding the little one for every two hours and taking care of the needs. But rest as much as you can. It is very important to every new mother and adequate resting heels pains quickly. Ask your partner for help and share the sleep timings between two.

Diet: Most important among everything above is having healthy diet, because 90% of the health issues can be cured by having good diet. Take low-calorie foods, omega-3 fatty acids which are high in nutrients.

Mild hip pain during pregnancy is normal but consult a healthcare professional when the pain is out of control. One among those experts is Dr. Niraj Vora. Patients reviews on Dr. Niraj Vora about his high-level of professionalism, the way of reaching out to every patient in-person.