How smoking increases post-surgery risks?

It has been proven that smoking is injurious to health, and to ratify the fact, studies have revealed that smoking can affect post surgical care total knee replacement, as opined by dr. niraj vora, the best doctor for knee replacement surgery in Mumbai. Studies have revealed that current smokers are more prone to risks after knee replacement surgery than non smokers and those who were prior smokers. These current smokers are more likely to have more complications than others which could include wound infections, stroke and pneumonia, and in certain cases, can be fatal.

There are higher chances of hip and knee replacement complications during the post recovery period for smokers, as it has been proven that there is a direct link between the effects of smoking and rehabilitation during  total hip replacement post surgery care. Another reason cited by best doctor for hip & knee replacement surgery in Mumbai is that, smoking reduces the supply of oxygen to the cells of our body. Recovery of damaged tissues due to total hip or knee replacement gets less oxygen than required, and thus the healing process is affected. The growth of musculoskeletal tissues is retarded due to poor supply of oxygen carried by the blood from the lungs.

Convalescence after hip & knee joint replacement surgery is affected due to smoking for other reasons also. The chemicals which are absorbed due to smoking reduces the ability of the Neutrophils to fight against infection, and thus bacteria start settling around the affected part of the body during the post surgery period. Another risk factor affecting the recovery of tissues and muscles after total knee or hip replacement, is the increase of blood pressure due to smoking. Cardiovascular problems may arise due to increase in blood pressure, affecting the healing process during the post surgery period. Respiratory problems may also arise while being administered anesthesia and also after being administered, leading to complications during the recovery period.

Although smoking can be difficult to quit, counseling can give good results, and the risks of hip and knee replacement complications can be minimized when you give up smoking, opines dr. niraj vora, the best doctor for knee replacement surgery in Mumbai.