How to Resume Your Normal Activities After a Knee Replacement Surgery?

Getting back to normal activities after knee replacement surgery can be quite challenging. But there is no reason to panic, as best knee replacement doctors in mumbai, dr. niraj vora being one of them, will help you out with proper advice on activities during the period of convalescence.

There are pain exercises to relieve pain that may be caused during light activities like home exercises and walking, but if it becomes unbearable, you should report to your doctor immediately. You will be guided on the best exercises for knee pain and ways on how to stop knee pain by dr. niraj vora, the best knee replacement specialist in mumbai. You can say he is the authority on this subject who will provide you with the best advice on total knee replacement surgery requirements. According to him, to resume normal activities after the surgery will include sleeping safely on the back, on the stomach or on either side or getting into and out of bed all by self. You can also move around with the help of crutches or walker, and do a little bit of exercise at home, as directed by your doctor.

Normal activities that you can perform also include physical therapy exercises and sporting activities that are of low impact like badminton, football, jumping and baseball. While carrying out normal activities if you feel unbearable pain in the knee or other areas, you should immediately stop your activities and consult any of the best knee replacement doctors in mumbai, like dr. niraj vora. Rehabilitation starts immediately after surgery, when, under the supervision of a doctor like him, patients are advised on the timetable for exercises, medication and rest. Getting back to normal activities may require 2 to 3 months depending upon the participation in rehabilitation process. You can return to normal diet which should include Vitamin C, Iron and plenty of fluids. You can use the bathroom with the aid of a walk-in shower and return to driving for short distances, sitting on a pillow to avoid sagging on a bucket seat. Sitting on hard chairs, avoiding crossing your legs, and walk around slowly at least once every hour. It is important that you consult the best knee replacement specialist in mumbai whenever you feel pain while resuming your normal activities.