Immune Support for Babies, Infants and Children – Dr. Niraj Vora

Immune support for infants and children is a very important aspect of child raising, and it brings more questions than answers into any new parent’s mind. It is to be remembered that the immune system in adults and the Immune Support for Babies varies by an astonishing degree, and the two are nowhere in the spectrum of comparison. Babies and infants are just beginning to see the world and interact with the various components of air, having spent the previous nine months happily secure in their mother’s womb. This sudden change in environment is a good thing for the immunity support for babies and infants – it exposes them to what they will be facing throughout their lives, and starts building up immunity from the word go.

The Best Orthopaedic Surgery Specialist, Dr. Niraj Vora, tells us about the best treatment for low immunity, and the ways in which parents can take care of proper immunity growth of their children. As babies and children are yet to develop a fully functional immune system, using medicines that have been developed in labs is not encouraged. As a matter of fact, herbal medicines are one of the best cures for most children’s conditions and also help in boosting their immunity. Herbs have been used on babies for as long as humans have existed on this planet, and one particular herb is the Echinacea root, which is an amazing aid to boost immunity and aid the building of a robust immune system in kids.

For the common cold, which is perhaps the most common first ‘disease’ that affects kids, using herbal cough syrups not only helps ease the discomfort, but also aids in improving the immune system. These syrups, made mostly of thyme, marshmallow, hyssop and mullein, can be used for both dry and wet coughs. Another alternative herbal medicine for these conditions is honey. Honey is the oldest documented medicinal food in history, and has a range of uses. Not only do herbal medicines last longer than chemical ones, but they are a natural way to heal the body and to make sure there are no side effects.