Michael Peter Colaco Reviews Dr Niraj Vora – Knee Replacement Surgery

Initially when my dad visited local doctors, they advised physiotherapy and painkillers which temporarily relieved him from his pain. But we were looking for permanent relief from the pain and limping.

A relative suggested Dr. Niraj Vora. Dad consulted Dr. Vora, and he suggested Knee Replacement Surgery. He said that the surgery was inevitable and that the knee would slowly get worse and the limp would increase.

We were at the Sunridges Hospital. The hospital staff was very co- operative and helpful. After the surgery, we were surprised by dad’s speedy recovery.

Michael Peter Colaco Reviews Dr Nirajj Vora

Michael Peter Colaco Reviews Dr Niraj Vora

Special thanks Dr. Niraj Vora for being an angel in my dad’s life and taking away the prolonged pain permanently. My dad is no longer compromising with his quality of life.

This is a review on surgery performed by Dr Niraj Vora given by Ms. Brinal Colaco on behalf of Michael Peter Colaco.