Mrs. Shilpa Shirsekar Reviews Dr Niraj Vora – Knee Replacement Surgery

For eight long years I suffered acute pain in my knees. It went on to become chronic, severely impeding my routine activities. I met a string of Orthopedic surgeons and ran through a course starting from pain-killer pills to injections interspersed with alternate therapies.

My condition went on deteriorating progressively. Advice about surgical intervention was as varied as a rainbow.

At this stage, a well-wisher recommended the name of Dr Niraj Vora. It was the beginning of the end of my miseries.

Shilpa Shirsekar - Dr Niraj Vora Review

Mrs Shilpa Shirsekar – Dr Niraj Vora Review

Shilpa Shirsekar reflects her gratitude with her wonderful review for Knee Replacement Surgery performed by Dr Niraj Vora.

She says I have regained pleasures of life, thanks to Dr Niraj Vora