Natural Remedies for Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

Treating Osteoarthritis will need a holistic approach, according to Dr.Niraj Vora, a top orthopedic doctor in India. Symptoms associated with this degenerative disease of the joints include swelling of the joints and deliberating pain. Depending upon the severity of the disease, natural remedies for osteoarthritis can be the best option for osteoarthritis pain relief.

Heart is one of the factors influencing increased blood circulation at the joints, and hence, thermotherapy is one of the proven natural remedies for getting relief from osteoarthritis pain. This treatment also helps the muscles to relax, and thereby reducing the pain at the joints. Ice massage can also be effective, as, cold therapy has been proven to decrease the swelling and help to increase a range of motion and functions of the knee joints affected by osteoarthritis. Natural treatment for osteoarthritis also includes exercises as prescribed by Orthopedic specialist, which can help in increased flexibility of the joints, strengthening the tissues surrounding the joints and nourishment of the cartilages. Movement of the joints caused by exercise help in the flow of nutrients and oxygen into the cartilages, thereby, restricting the aggravation of swelling and associated pain. There are exercises which help with a full range of motions of the joints, helping in restoring the flexibility and getting relief from debilitating pain.

It is also important to rest the joints and avoid strenuous activities in order to restore flexibility and prevent pain from reoccurring. Natural supplements are also components for treatment regimens of osteoarthritis. These supplements include turmeric, Omega 3 fats, vitamin c and ginger, which are effective in relieving stress of the joints and reducing the inflammation, which causes pain. Another natural treatment for osteoarthritis homeopathy treatment together with a balanced and nutritious diet. Dr.Niraj Vora, best orthopedic doctor, suggests natural remedies for osteoarthritis as the primary option, unless Orthopedic surgery treatment becomes the only alternative. Herbal remedies for osteoarthritis can also be very effective in restoring the flexibility of the joints as well as reducing the pain in the joints. There are herbs that can be found around your home, and to learn more about them, you will need to study the benefits of herbal remedies for osteoarthritis. Natural treatments for osteoarthritis pain relief can be the best option depending upon the severity of the disease. More information on treatment for Osteoarthritis is available at