Necessary Hip Resurfacing Precautions After Surgery

Hip resurfacing becomes the only alternative for treatment of Arthritis when all other conservative treatments fail to provide expected results. This is what best hip replacement consultants opine. Hip resurfacing is the procedure of replacing the acetabulum or the hip socket by inserting a femoral component inside the femur or the thigh bone, where very little bone is removed from the femoral head.

According to Dr.Niraj Vora, a leading Hip resurfacing doctor, hip resurfacing is a less traumatic and conservative alternative to total hip replacement. To determine whether a candidate is fit for hip resurfacing, a review of the bone quality of the candidate is necessary. This procedure is aimed at helping young and active adults below the age of 55, and suffering from arthritis to return back to normal activities.

Total hip resurfacing surgery procedure involves acetabular component being inserted into the hip socket and sometimes firmly fixed with screws or by cementing it. Hip resurfacing surgery recovery depends upon the amount of precaution taken. This involves correct positioning of the hip, where the operated leg is supposed to be facing straight forward while walking, sitting or lying down. Other precautions include always keeping the knee below the operated hip and not crossing the legs or turning them inwards. Both the feet should not be pointing to each other. These are the recommendations made by best hip replacement doctors.

Hip resurfacing surgery recovery time depends upon the activities you follow after leaving the hospital. Activities include walking several hundred feet using crutches, walking up and down the stairs slowly and getting in and out of bed. These are some of the recommendations made by Dr. Niraj Vora, an eminent total hip replacement surgeon. What you can expect during the recuperation period after hip arthroplasty performed by best hip replacement consultants include renewed function and stability of the hip joints, normal movement of the hip joint and restoration of normal walking and other body movements.

Best hip arthroplasty treatment is available in India, especially with best hip replacement doctors being available. As recommended by any total hip replacement surgeon, special precautions should be taken which include avoiding various movements of the hip and legs that might affect the recovery. For more information and guidelines on Hip resurfacing surgery recovery, you can visit