Norman Stanier Reviews – Right Total Hip Replacement by Dr Niraj Vora

69 year old Norman Stanier posts his amazing reviews on Dr Niraj Vora after undergoing Right Total Hip Replacement. He shares his wonderful adventures post surgery. Here are few pics that shows his energetic enjoyment post surgery.

Norman - Dr Niraj Vora Review

Mr.Norman - Double Packing in Week 5

I send this pic to show I can now, quite comfortably carry both our bags.

Niraj Vora contacted me by email as soon as I requested information, from my home in the United Kingdom, about the possibility of hip surgery in Mumbai. I was able to schedule a Total Hip Replacement at a time to fit in with an already scheduled World tour.

Dr Vora has an innate gift as a communicator and a student of humanity which totally compliment his skills as a extraordinary surgeon.

All my post op queries have been answered and I am a completely and utterly satisfied patient. Dr Niraj Vora is a surgeon and a teacher, a communicator and a healer and one of life’s very special people.




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