Backpacks Causing Back Problems

Final exams are over. Close on heel comes the new session which means new textbooks, new notebooks, new stationeries and a new backpack! It is adorable to see the young minds heading towards the world of knowledge but as they turn around it really breaks our heart to see them fetching those heavy backpacks. Child’s […]

Immune Support for Babies, Infants and Children – Dr. Niraj Vora

Immune support for infants and children is a very important aspect of child raising, and it brings more questions than answers into any new parent’s mind. It is to be remembered that the immune system in adults and the Immune Support for Babies varies by an astonishing degree, and the two are nowhere in the […]

How to manage pain after total knee replacement surgery?

Many patients have to feel joint operation like knee replacement after fifty year of age or sixty year of age. Some of very afraid of this kind surgery and they are thinking too much like they will lose our regular life after such a serious replacement surgery. If you believe in yourself then, take away […]

How smoking increases post-surgery risks?

It has been proven that smoking is injurious to health, and to ratify the fact, studies have revealed that smoking can affect post surgical care total knee replacement, as opined by dr. niraj vora, the best doctor for knee replacement surgery in Mumbai. Studies have revealed that current smokers are more prone to risks after […]

Understanding The Dreadful Consequences Of Trauma In Children

Children are known for their resilient features and can easily adapt to the changes in life. Their minds are sensitive and can catch up to any event quickly. Therefore, it is extremely easy to mark a scare in those little brains any time. If your little ones are facing from sudden trauma, you have to […]

Causes Behind Arthritis And Ways To Reduce Risk

The real fact is that it is hard to prevent formation of arthritis. However, you can try to take help of arthritis treatment, which will help in reducing the risk and delay any potential onset of various types of arthritis. In case, you have healthy joints, you have to maintain proper functions, mobility, and functions. […]

5 Benefits Of Hip Replacement Surgery For You

Factors contributing to debilitating pain at the hip joints include Osteoarthritis, unhealthy lifestyle, childhood disorders, infection, injury and aging, which s the most common one. When all medications and alternate treatment to invasive methods prove futile, the only option left is hip arthroplasty treatment. If you are one of those suffering from this type of […]

Necessary Hip Resurfacing Precautions After Surgery

Hip resurfacing becomes the only alternative for treatment of Arthritis when all other conservative treatments fail to provide expected results. This is what best hip replacement consultants opine. Hip resurfacing is the procedure of replacing the acetabulum or the hip socket by inserting a femoral component inside the femur or the thigh bone, where very […]

Natural Remedies for Osteoarthritis Pain Relief

Treating Osteoarthritis will need a holistic approach, according to Dr.Niraj Vora, a top orthopedic doctor in India. Symptoms associated with this degenerative disease of the joints include swelling of the joints and deliberating pain. Depending upon the severity of the disease, natural remedies for osteoarthritis can be the best option for osteoarthritis pain relief. Heart is […]

5 Alternative Treatments for People With Osteoarthritis

Although there are no permanent solutions for the cure of Osteoarthritis, there are alternative treatments that can bring relief to the symptoms and prevent aggravation of the injury. Suggestions on alternative treatments may be obtained from Dr.Niraj Vora, undoubtedly the best orthopedic doctor. Here are 5 alternative treatments that should be followed after consultation with […]