What Activities Should Avoid After Hip Replacement Surgery

Returning to normal activities after Total hip replacement surgery can take about 3 months, provided you stay on course during the rehab process, following the instructions given by best hip replacement doctors. Actively participating in the process of healing after the surgery can help you return to normal activities within expected time. During this process, you may need to carry out your activities in a slightly modified way, so as to protect the wound and prevent any further aggravation of the injury.

There are do’s and don’ts which have to be followed strictly in order to return to normal activities as early as possible, as suggested by Dr.Niraj Vora, undoubtedly the best total hip replacement surgeon. The activities you should avoid include pivoting or twisting of the leg involved and crossing the involved leg beyond the midline of your body. Practical instructions would be given by any hip replacement specialist at the time of discharge from hospital. Avoid bending the hip over 90 degrees, and bending forward and backward at least for 2 months. In case you feel to take help of any equipment, you will be advised by doctors, specialized in hip arthroplasty on which aids you should use. Other activities that you should avoid include standing up while dressing and sitting in the same position for more than 20 minutes. Do not use a chair that is too low, where your body posture can involve the hips at a level lower than the knees, and avoid squatting, bending and sitting right at the bottom of a bath tub. When lying, do not lie on the side of your replaced hip, and if need be, do not pull up the blanket by reaching for it while lying on bed. While getting into a car, always avoid stepping in from the doorstep or a curb on the street, and instead step in from the level of the road.

Detailed instructions are given by doctors, such as Niraj Vora, one of the best hip replacement doctors in Mumbai on the body postures while carrying out daily activities such as walking, lying, taking showers, getting into the car, and while using the stairs. Dr. Niraj Vora is available for consultation on activities that should be followed after Total hip replacement surgery, can make an appointment through visiting his website at http://www.drnirajvora.com/