What Is Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery? What Are Its Pros and Cons?

Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery is a knee replacement procedure where both the knees of the arthritis patient are replaced in a single operation by the knee replacement surgeon. This procedure is performed when the patient suffers from high degree arthritis in both knees that can only be relieved with a surgical procedure like knee replacement surgery.

Knee Replacement is one of the most common joint replacement surgeries performed by orthopaedic surgeons around the world. And With the high success rate, the knee replacement helps people with knee arthritis get rid of the severe pain and restores their knee health. But does both knee replacements performed on the same day mean higher success rate in restoring knee health? How does Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery fare? What are its pros and cons? Read on to know:

Pros of Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery:

Break from work is less: When a patient is suffering from knee arthritis in both knees, traditional single knee replacement surgeries performed at two different occasions mean two operative procedures, two hospital stays, two recovery periods and also a mandatory gap between both the surgical events. The whole procedure is a lengthy one and working patients who are short of time may find it difficult to get treated. As both operations are performed one after another the Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery saves your time in half.

Less time at hospital: Though the procedure requires the patient to stay for at least 4 days in the hospital, it is much lesser than what it takes for two traditional knee replacement surgeries performed.

Quick rehabilitation & recovery: Patients must undergo at least 2-3 sessions/week of physical therapy for 8 weeks for a single knee replacement surgery. As for the bilateral one, the therapy session of both knees goes hand in hand taking half the time it usually takes for two separate surgeries. Moreover, both knees heal and recover simultaneously helping the patients return to their activities seamlessly and uninterrupted.

Decreases Cost: Naturally having both surgeries performed in single sessions decreases the cost when compared to two separate knee replacement procedures. The exact cost saving might vary depending on the location and country.

Cons of Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery:

Every procedure comes up with its own set of risks and Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery or Double Knee Replacement Surgery is no different. Some of the cons of the procedure are:

Higher the normal risk of complications: Being an intensive and advanced procedure, Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgery can increase the risk of complications like cardiovascular problems and blood clots, especially in older adults. However, this risk is less for patients who are in good physical condition with the exception of knee arthritis.

More blood loss: This lengthy and intensive procedure results in more blood loss than normal single session knee replacement surgery making blood transfusion necessary in most cases. It is estimated that around 40% of the bilateral knee replacement surgeries need blood transfusions as opposed to 12% in traditional single knee replacement surgeries.

Challenging recovery & rehabilitation process: As both legs are operated, patients now have less support for his movements and need more help making the recovery process a challenging one. So the majority of the patients are discharged to rehabilitation centres for better recovery.

Though there are cons to the bilateral knee replacement procedure, the pros far outweigh them. Given the patient in good physical condition, the bilateral knee replacement or double-knee replacement procedure is the best option for people who are short on time and need quick relief from arthritis.

However, knee replacement surgery is a big step that requires scrutiny and only an expert knee replacement surgeon can decide which procedure is apt for your condition. If you are in Mumbai and are looking for bilateral knee replacement surgery in Mumbai, then Dr. Niraj Vora is the Best Bilateral Knee Replacement Surgeon in Mumbai with an excellent success rate and record in bilateral knee replacement surgeries.