Your Shoes Might Be Causing Your Knee Pain, Here’s Why:

Shoes have become one of the most essential elements not just only in our wardrobe but also in our fitness regimen. Some shoes are designed to make you look good while others are designed to help you with your exercises. But what all the shoes must offer is a comfort and good support to your natural stride pattern.

The choice of footwear especially important for the older adults who have been experiencing knee pain. As you age, the cartilage wears off making your joints creaky, your leg muscle tend to get weaker, your flexibility takes a hit calling for proper shoes that comfort your daily routine.  Wearing wrong shoes for your feet could potentially be the cause or even aggravate your knee pain

But how does the foot wear the impact your knee pain?

The thigh bone, shin bone, fibula, and kneecap form the knee joint, the largest synovial joint in the human body. This fundamental joint helps us stand on our feet, walk, run, jump, climb and what not? It bears the brunt of your weight in every move you make in your everyday life. Just like any other organ, it is complexly built, and is supported by muscles, tendons, ligaments, and shock absorbing cartilages. All these support elements along with joint bones act as a system to help you in your every move. While they act in tandem, they also depend on each other to distribute the pressure evenly among each other when they are properly aligned.

The problem may arise when your feet are not optimally positioned during your stride because of the shoe you are wearing. Wrong shoes for your feet may alter the increase the load on your knee or impact the alignment causing uneven stress ultimately paving the way for your knee pain.

For example, shoes with not enough support can result in unstable knees, high heels pushes your weight forward putting a continuous pressure on the kneecap, and formal shoes with stiletto heels can force your knees to endure more impact. And that is why choosing a right shoe for your feet is important for your knee health.

So, how do you choose your shoes if you are prone to arthritis?

Wearing flat shoes can save your knees:

Look for shoes with these three key attributed to prevent your knee pain:

  • A good enough cushion to absorb the shocks and decrease the impact on the knees.
  • A firm sole especially the midsole to avoid pronation and strain.
  • Low heel with minimal arch support to reduce the force on the knee cap.

In short: look for flat, flexible, soft and well-cushioned sneakers that accommodate your feet graciously and mimics the barefoot walking.

Though shoes are the only one of the reasons, grabbing a good pair can go long way in relieving your knee pain. Everyone can benefit from investing in a good pair of shoes, but it is essential for adults prone to arthritis and other knee pains.

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